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Chinese and Kokang Flocking To the Thai Border

by admin last modified 2005-06-04 05:00

Chinese and Kokang Flocking To the Thai Border

Wa, Chinese and Kokang settlers are coming to the border areas opposite Thailand in droves, said an informed source who recently returned from Kengtung, the capital of eastern Shan State. 

"Altogether 15,000 settlers are due to arrive in Mongyawn and Mongmai (formerly Banhoong) from the beginning of December to mid-December from the north", said the source who requested anonymity. "Some of them will resettle in Mongtoom and Monggarn, opposite Ban Hintack, Mae Faluang District, Chiangrai Province". 

Although 7,000 of them are registered as Kokang and the rest as Wa, the majority is believed to be Yunnanese Chinese, he said. 

Another batch of 50,000 settlers is expected to travel to the area during the next year. 

It was reported earlier by S.H.A.N. that the Wa leadership in Pangsang had applied to the military government in Rangoon for the inclusion of Mongton and Monghsat townships in the "Wa Autonomous Region". (Big Power Play in the Wa Region, 20 August 1999) 

"Another reason for the exodus", said the source, "is the UN's drug program in the Wa areas along the Chinese border. As it is becoming difficult for the people to grow poppies in the north, many have opted to move are moving out to friendlier areas". 

The overall poppy cultivation, and output, therefore, would not change much, he added.