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An Old Guard leader returns to the fray

An Old Guard leader returns to the fray

Very few at the “historic” (according to Kachin general Gun Maw) meeting on 5 April in Rangoon, where 21 armed resistance movements (ARMs) in Burma had sent their representatives, knew or heard of him.

Many of them, both Burman and non-Burman alike, were more familiar with Mongla’s top leader, Sai Leun aka U Sai Lin aka Lin Mingxian, his two deputies, Hsan Per and Hsang Lu, and former General Secretary Min Ein, who was gunned down near Mongla’s Oriental Hotel on 27 January 2010 by an assassin who is still at large.


The Unlawful Associations Act 1908 (Burma Code Volume II)

The Unlawful Associations Act 1908
(Burma Code Volume II)
Sao Mya Wadi


“Associations” means any combination or body of persons, whether the same be known by distinctive name of not, and “Unlawful Association “means an Association which encourages or aids persons to commit Acts of violence or intimidations or of which the members habitually commit such acts which has been declared to be unlawful by the President of the Union under the power hereby conferred.

Strike when the iron is hot: A report about Myanmar’s Hospitality & Tourism Conference 2014

Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai (09.03.2014)

Some 300 participants gathered at the Traders Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar on February 18-19, 2014 to attend the 2nd annual Hospitality & Tourism Conference, which was organized by Sphere Conferences, Singapore and co-organized by the Myanmar Tourism Federation, as well as supported by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

Day Five: Hero and Anti-hero on the same day (8 March 2014)

Today I am honored by a former Shan journalist U San Aung, 90. He couldn’t walk by himself and was accompanied by his son, a former lecturer from the Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT).

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

Day Four (5 March 2014)

Not a walk in the park

Today the exile media that have returned to work on the home front report their challenges they have been facing.

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

Day Three (4 March 2014)

Meeting my match

If I was happy with my short presentation on the peace process today, it was short-lived.

A young political analyst who has already made a name for himself by his critical articles in Unity, True and D.Wave, told me forthright I could afford to have been more forthright with my remarks.

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

Day Two (3 March 2014)

Old dogs still learn new tricks

During breakfast, I was informed that Ta Hsarm Pu, the Pang crossing that leads into Kunpang (Pang Island), a strategic area that lies between the Pang and the Salween, was taken by the Burmese Army on 28 February. Without a fight, because the Burma Army, instead of fighting, had resorted to charm. It had reportedly asked the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) guarding the crossing to temporarily move out, while its troops were going across. And after the SSA had graciously complied, it simply took over the positions, where it has remained until now.

To Hopeland and Back (Part VIII)

Again I’m on my way to Taunggyi via Kengtung. The plane is Yangon Airways, flight YH 737.

It seems to have raised its prices. In September I must have paid something like 69,000 kyat ($69). Now it’s 77,200 kyat ($77). My Burmese cash has run out but fortunately the airport at Tachilek accepts Thai money. So I got away with it.

Back to Shan Shine (12-15 February 2014)

Back to Shan Shine (12-15 February 2014)

Day Three: Reorganization (14 February 2014)

The next day was reorganization inside the RCSS. And the latest line-up will be of interest to all, whether friend or foe, who are following the RCSS/SSA:

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