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Mongla in flood

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Incessant rain during the past few days have resulted in the flooding of Mongla, opposite China’s Dai Autonomous Prefecture, since yesterday afternoon, according to reports from the Sino-Burmese border.

The waters from the Ma that flows through the city had risen steadily until they flooded the area around the Clock Tower up to the border checkpoint. “More than 100 motor vehicles went under water,” said an NDAA officer. “Only the central market remains intact.”

The rice fields around Wan Hsieo, where its famous casinos are located are also under water.

The Ma flows into the Lam, the Lam into the Lwe, and the Lwe into the Mekong. Many of the communities downstream are also affected. “In Kiang Khang, we heard 3 people were washed away by the surging waters,” said another source who has relatives there.

NDAA troops have been reportedly deployed to help the people and their belongings to safer places.

Latest information says the water has subsided this morning.

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