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The 8th druglord in parliament

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SHAN’s Shan Drug Watch program had reported only 7 druglords in parliament in its 2011 report, but there is yet another druglord, who was “elected” in the 2010 general elections, say sources from Shan State East.

He is Wilson Moe, age around 50, Member of Parliament for Shan State Constituency # 7, Amyotha Hluttaw (National Assembly or Upper House), under the banner of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Shan State Constituency # 7 covers 3 districts: Tachilek, Monghsat and Mongphyak.

Wilson Moe is a leading member of the Nampong-Loi Taw Kham People’s Militia Force (PMF) headed by Col Yi Shay, who was on Thailand’s most wanted list, issued on 20 April.

Moe was first mentioned by SHAN in February, when 8.7 million pills of methamphetamine were seized at Pha Khao village of Loi Taw Kham tract, Tachilek township, on 13 February.

SHAN source at first gave his name as Way Zin Moe, but corrected himself later.

Few details are available as yet, except that he also worked with Zhou Sang, leader of the Nayai PMF in Namzang, long known as a drug producer.

Another source however rejects Moe as being a druglord. “The real druglord is Yishay,” he said. “Wilson Moe is only his front man.”

Moe is also reportedly well accepted among the military circle.

Naypyitaw has published bio-data of each MP from the three legislatures: National, People’s and Region/State. So far, SHAN has been able to get hold of only those from the People’s Assembly and Shan State Assembly.

As for Col Yishay aka Chaiwat Pornsakulpaisarn, 66, he has not been seen in Thailand since his home in Chiangmai’s Sansai district was raided on 28 December 2003.

Other MPs reported as druglords are:

Wu Guoxi         -    National Assembly
T. Hkun Myat     -    People’s Assembly
Ho Xiaochang    -    People’s Assembly
Kyaw Myint       -    Shan State Assembly
Keng Mai          -    Shan State Assembly
Bai Xuoqian       -    Shan State Assembly
Myint Lwin        -    Shan State Assembly

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